Video Gallery: Nitrogen VJC Meeting

Highlights of the Opening Session

00:06 - Welcome by Prof. N. Raghuram
02:53 - Welcome by Prof. Mark Sutton
04:49 - Aditi Sharma: Introduction of the Newton-Bhabha Fund
07:05 - Andrew Telford: Introduction of RCUK
09:39 - Dr. Tina Barsby: Introduction of CINTRIN
15:39 - Dr. Karnam Venkatesh: Introduction of INEW (India)
20:44 - Prof. Peter Shewry: Introduction of INEW (UK)
24:10 - Dr. D.L.N. Rao: Introduction of IUNFC (India)
29:31 - Prof. Philip Poole: Introduction of IUNFC (UK)
34:52 - Prof. Mark Sutton: Introduction of NEWS (UK)

The opening session was broadcast live on Twitter, you can watch the presentations there in more detail:

Introduction of INMS - Opening of the Conference Dinner

The conference dinner was sponsored by INMS (International Nitrogen Management System). The dinner was opened by the director of INMS, Prof. Mark Sutton, who also announced the release of The Indian Nitrogen Assessment.


Conclusions of the Nitrogen VJC Meeting by Prof. Mark Sutton and Prof. N. Raghuram.

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