Conference and Workshop
of the India-UK Virtual Joint Centres:


When and Where?

Date: 3-5 October, 2017
Location: New Delhi, India (conference venue to be confirmed)

Goals of the Workshop

  • To introduce the VJCs and project partners to each other to build a stronger shared community on nitrogen research between UK and India.
  • To share initial findings of the VJCs and to stimulate the agenda for cooperation in the next 2-5 years.
  • To share practical lessons learned as a basis to improve the VJC model.
  • To develop the long-term vision for nitrogen research and its policy application in India. An outcome will be a vision statement that can contribute to build the next phase of India-UK cooperation on nitrogen.
  • To provide a mechanism by which India-UK science cooperation can feed into the developing science synthesis of the Indian and South Asian Nitrogen Assessment processes.
  • To produce an outcome paper that summarizes the vision and priorities for future work on agricultural nitrogen for India. 

Speakers are invited

on the following topics:

  • Agronomical Nitrogen Use Efficiency

  • Biological Nitrogen Use Efficiency

  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation

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Looking forward to meeting you,

Mark Sutton, Andrea Móring, Alison Bentley, Arti Bhatia and N. Raghuram




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In India, the Newton Fund is known as the Newton-Bhabha Fund. The Newton Fund builds research and innovation partnerships with 18 partner countries to support economic development and social welfare, and to develop research and innovation capacity for long-term sustainable growth. It has a total UK Government investment across all countries of £735 million up until 2021, with matched resources from the partner countries. The Newton Fund is managed by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and delivered through 15 UK delivery partners, which include the Research Councils, the UK Academies, the British Council, Innovate UK and the Met Office. For further information visit the Newton Fund website ( and follow via Twitter: @NewtonFund.
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