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NEWS India-UK Fellowship - Results

This year, the Fellowship Panel received numerous applications of a very high standard. From these, the Panel have decided to award 8 junior fellows and 6 senior fellows.


Joint VJC meeting - Save the Date

At the beginning of 2016, BBSRC and DBT established four virtual joint centres (VJCs) on agricultural nitrogen between India and the UK: INEW, IUNFC, CINTRIN and NEWS. Following discussions with BBSRC and Indian partners, we have initiated to organise a conference and workshop for all four centres on the topic "Challenges and opportunities for agricultural nitrogen in India".

The 2nd NEWS India-UK Workshop - 25-26th February, 2017

The 2nd NEWS India-UK Workshop was held between 25-26th February, 2017, in the IARI complex, New Delhi India. It became clear from the overviews of the two directors of the project, Mark Sutton and N. Raghuram that the NEWS virtual centre made a strong early start.

Fellowship 2017-2018: Application is now open!

For more information on the NEWS India-UK Fellowship click HERE.



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