Fellowship experience - Pooja Pawar

Fellowship report by Pooja Pawar

It was on 1st of September 2018, when I reached Edinburgh, UK. This was my first experience in a “new world” and visiting another country. I stepped out with excitement to study, explore the surroundings, make friends and learn new things around. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Mark Sutton for making my visit successful. My fellowship was for two weeks and my guides, Dr. Sachin Ghude and Dr. Gufran Beig from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune gave me the chance to work and do my research on atmospheric ammonia and its detection using the MOZART model. This study gave me a chance to become a NEWS India-UK junior research fellow. These two weeks went so fast that there are no words to express it.

Edinburgh castle

The first person I met when I landed at Edinburgh airport, was my mentor and friend from the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Andrea Móring, who was waiting for me. She welcomed me with sweet smile and helped me to drop me off in my hostel with my huge luggage. Fortunately, I got a hostel which was near to my working place at Drummond Street, University of Edinburgh. When I reached the city, it was a weekend, so I got enough time to explore the city with Andi.

With Andi on Calton Hill

I would like to give special thanks to Andi, as she arranged for me all the small things I needed in my working place, like a desk for me, Wi-Fi connection and even a coffee mug for having black tea daily. This made my mood fresh. There was not a single trouble during my visit. Weather was perfectly pleasant. The working environment was calm and silent to work peacefully. I used to have daily discussion with Andi for a few minutes regarding our work. She also arranged a meeting at CEH (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) with Dr. Massimo and Dr. Claudia to have a discussion. I presented my work done until now and discussed a few points which will be considered in the future. I was motivated to meet and interact with these people. I learned a few points and ideas from Dr. Claudia, which will help me out for my further research.

In this short time I even explored Edinburgh town, and I also travelled alone to Highlands, Loch Ness and Glenco. I saw the real natural beauty of Scotland.

Photos from the Loch Ness Lake Cruise

The whole journey of Scotland is still memorable in my eyes. I will never ever forget the Scottish music which I always enjoyed during my stay. I even had a coffee meeting with Professor Ruth and Andi at King’s Buildings, University of Edinburgh. It was just a casual scientific talk on various aspects of on-going research. I am very much thankful for the whole UK team of NEWS for motivating me to interact with different professors during my visit. I always love to learn new things. I would like to thank Professor Dave Reay for providing me all the official facilities required during my stay at Edinburgh University. Before leaving back to my home, my mentor Andi and her husband, Zoli invited me for a special dinner to have a traditional home food which was just delicious. This was the first time I tasted Hungarian food and it quickly became my favourite. Andi and Zoli inspired me a lot personally as the cutest couple. I can never forget the dinner which they have prepared for me. Oh! And I learn that during journey I should carry less luggage.

With Andi and her husband, Zoli

The Hungarian dinner at Andi’s home

Before ending up my fellowship work a concluding meeting was arranged with Dr. Mark Sutton and Andi on 14 September at 2:00 pm. I was eagerly waiting for having a scientific discussion with Prof. Mark. I am very much impressed and motivated with his work and the outcomes of this meeting were fruitful. On the same day I left Edinburgh and Dr. Mark drop me off at airport.

These two weeks were very much memorable for me. I never felt alone any time. I soon adapted to the environment and enjoyed my work. The last weekend before coming to India, I also visited London. In one day, I explore the highlights of London and locked all the memories in my heart and mind. It was a very nice and cheerful experience.

London Eye

At the end, I would like to  sincerely thank to everyone who supported my NEWS-India UK fellowship. I would like to thank again my supervisor Dr. Sachin Ghude and Dr. Beig from IITM, Pune, and from the NEWS India-UK Prof. Mark Sutton, Prof. Dave Reay, Dr. Andi Móring, Dr. Massimo Vieno and  Dr. Niveta Jain.

Pooja Pawar

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