Fellowship experience - Ashim Datta

Fellowship report by Ashim Datta

On My Research

At the beginning I would like to thank the NEWS fellowship panel for selecting me for the fellowship. The topic of my research was "Whole farm modelling of carbon sequestration and organic resource use at case study sites in India". It was for 3 months, from 01/01/2018 to 31/03/2018. The first one and a half month (from 01/01/2018 to 13/02/2018) was spent on collection of data required for model input. I had surveyed about 70 farmers from 12 villages of karnal district, Haryana, India. About 173 Soil samples were collected from farmer’s field. Soil samples were analyzed for pH, EC, organic and inorganic carbon.

Data collection in village Nadana, Karnal, Haryana, India

Being a soil scientist I was very curious to see the soils of Aberdeen. The soils are rich in organic matter but lots of stones are also present. The landscape is undulating and well-drained. Barley was harvested and the land is ploughed for sowing of potato.

Ploughed soil of Stone Haven, Aberdeen

I was exposed to learn “Operational Research Assessment Tool for Organic Resources” (ORATOR) model, developed by Professor Jo Smith and her group at the Environmental Modelling group, School of Biological Science, University of Aberdeen. The model was developed for the BREAD and IPORE projects, is designed to account for the impact of different uses of farm resources on soil organic matter, crop production, animal production, water use, fuel availability, on- and off-farm labour, and farm income and expenditure. In addition, I have also worked with the CCAFS-MOT model (in collaboration with Dr. Dali Nayak).

University of Aberdeen

It is a beautiful University with great history.

Visit to Stone Haven

One day I visited Dunnottar Castle at Stone Haven. It was amazing, it is located adjacent to North Sea.

At Dunnottar Castle

Visit to Edinburgh

On 23rd March I visited Edinburgh. It is a very beautiful city. It was an excellent experience.

During my trip, I visited Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) at High School Yards. I had a great discussion with Prof. Dave Reay about my research. Then I visited CEH at Bush Estate and had an excellent discussion with Dr. Mark Sutton. I will remember his queries about my research. It was one of the memorable days of my life.

In front of the ECCI, Edinburgh

With Prof. Dave Reay and Amresh

With Dr. Mark Sutton and Amresh at CEH, Edinburgh

Further experiences in Aberdeen

On 20th March I presented my research and it was a great interactive presentation. I enjoyed it a lot.

My presentation at Environmental Modelling Lab

I also got the opportunity to attend the Modelling Course at School of Biological Science. It was a great experience to attend classes with undergrad students. I also participated with Amresh, Emily and Imelda in an assignment of model development.

At the end I am very much indebted to my mentors Prof. Jo Smith and Dr. Dali Nayak for their guidance and time which will definitely help me in my future endeavours on this aspect.

Me with Jo and Dali at Environmental Modelling Lab

I am also very much grateful to Prof. Pete Smith, Ashley Hastings, Allison Brand, Amresh, Sylvia, Rita, Mike, Juan Pablo, Yang, Sally, Khadiza, Joe, Jennifer, Jack, Kathyrin Logan, Diana, Kirsten, May, Vince, Alicia, Dave and all the lab members for their help during my stay. I would like to thank Sylvain from Hydrology Lab for his interest on my research. I am very much thankful to my friend Lumbani, Dorlice and David for their unforgettable hospitality at Aberdeen.

Ashim Datta

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