Nitrogen in the Indian online media

Recently, many nitrogen-related articles have been published in the Indian online media - most of these including statements from Prof. N. Raghuram, director of NEWS India-UK on the Indian side and chair of INI as well as Prof. Mark Sutton, director of several organisations such as NEWS India-UK on the UK side, INMS and the UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub.  Below, you can find a selection of these articles.

Key to boost nitrogen efficiency in rice found

Down To Earth
"Tighter regulations needed on nutrient effluents"

The Conversation - an article by David Kanter, Vice Chair of INI
A new way to curb nitrogen pollution: Regulate fertilizer producers, not just farmers

The Hindu
18 Indian institutions to study nitrogen pollution

India Science Wire
UK to support nitrogen research in India

Firstpost - Tech2
British govt to start a project to study nitrogen pollution in India and South Asia

The Pioneer​
Research & innovation

Business Standard - a pdf version of the newspaper article
"Sewage to replace agri as top source on nitrogen pollution"

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